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Camera Tracking and LED Walls

Virtual Art Department - WorldBuilding

Volumetric Capture

My Process

With my background in visualization, VFX and animation, I've managed to work up the ranks as a Director of Cinematics and Virtual Production. From being hands on in the game engine, to managing team on-site during a shoot, I have a track record of delivering stunning visuals emphasizing on character driven stories from pre-production to post-production in real-time.


Visualization Direction


Shot at Rouge Mocap


Cinematics Work

My offerings as a master mind behind performance capture, facial capture and live digital characters has allowed me to work on amazing games in cinematics.


Performance Capture

With Unreal Engine tools like LiveLink, I've been able to use off-the-shelf hardware such as the iPhone to capture a performer's facial expressions. 


Immersive Virtual Production

Immersive Storytelling

Imagine being in the story or a scene. With immersive reality, pressence allows a user to be transported in the actual story. In The Chimerical Era, the audience can feel to be in the moment in time in ways that can not be fully emphasized on flatscreens. Adding a touch of interactivity on how a player can engage with the story opens a portal of empathetic possibilities.



Selected out of several thousand applications, The Unreal Fellowship is a 30-day intensive blended learning experience designed to help experienced industry professionals in film, animation, and VFX learn Unreal Engine, develop a strong command of state-of-the-art virtual production tools, and foster the next generation of teams in the emerging field of real-time production.


Through Digital Domain's visualization and mocap stage, being exposed to VR, Gaming and Film projects has helped me gained a fundamental understanding of the process of what it takes to build and create a production with a team of artists, supervisors, producers and technical directors.


Getting hand's on experience with the tools and pipeline enhanced my views of scope, utility and practicality even for intense work schedules through production.

Real-time Creation for Virtual Production

Projects at Digital Domain included the Quarry, Free Guy, West Side Story, Mobius, Ghosts of Tsushima, The March, Eleven Eleven, and many more.

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